Abuse of history

Abuse of history

Before you is the database comprising of six sub-bases that can be used for efficient processing of the topic of use and abuse of history, in the aim of national homogenizations and divisions. In wider sense, the material is useful for working on all topics and contexts of the Yugoslav crisis and the wars of 1990s. It contains, inter alia, books and papers in .pdf or some other format that our researchers already found posted on the internet. We express our gratitude to all the publishers and authors who agreed to make this material available to history teachers and on our web-site. Teachers will be aided in changing the paradigm in history teaching, to face the difficulties of the past, to introduce more modern techniques of teaching, all for the benefit of children and our better future together. If some of the authors or publishers feel that a certain material should be removed from our web-page, we kindly ask them to contact us at our e-mail address: cliohip…




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