Workshop ‘War(s) in pictures’ presented at Banja Luka to the american students

Students from James Madison University on a study abroad program to Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, led by Dr. John Hulsey and Dr. Vesna Hart, visited Banja Luka on May 31st and June 1st.
Their host was Bojana Dujkovic Blagojevic, history teacher from Banja Luka.

On Thursday 31st students had a presentation/lecture on the theme ‘Dayton Peace Agreement and Its Implications for Education in the Bosnia and Herzegovina’. Together with the lecture students got the presentation about the work of EUROCLIO HIP BIH and development of multiperspective approach in history teaching in BiH.

On June 1st  students participated in the workshop ‘War in Photographs – How do we remember the war(s) in former Yugoslavia?’ The students had the opportunity to analyze more than 50 photos taken during the wars in Yugoslavia during the 1990s. Discussion was very good and students shared within the group their impressions and conclusions. The workshop started at 9.30 and ended at 11.30.

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