New Call for Applications – Additional training of trainers for the implementation of the pedagogical tool on culture of remembrance “MemorInmotion”

forumZFD (Forum Civil Peace Service) in Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Association of History Teachers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUROCLIO HIP BiH is organizing training session for the future trainers of the pedagogical tool “MemorINmotion” which aims at the promotion of culture of remembrance and role of monuments. Pedagogical and didactic material “MemorInmotion” is result of the teamwork of professors and teachers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and art historians from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, who took into consideration contributions of representatives of the non-governmental organizations which are working on the non-violent conflict resolution, peacebuilding and human rights issues.

After the success of nine training realised in BiH and in BHS language, an additional training session in English for Peace workers, Professors, high school teachers and educators , representatives of NGO's of BiH who are working with young people and students in the formal/ non-formal education on dealing with the past and culture of remembrance is organized in Sarajevo at October 10th and 11th 2015 for English speaking professionals. The costs for accommodation (2 nights) and food up to 10 participants is covered by forumZFD in BiH.


I Information about training

1. Name of the training: ““MemorInmotion”

Pedagogical Tool on Culture of Remembrance

2. Level modules: Training for trainers aiming to implement the pedagogical tool “MemorInmotion” with young people in formal/ non-formal sector of education and culture.
3. Name of trainers: Bojana Dujković-Blagojević  and Larisa Kasumagić- Kafedžić
4. Contact information of the organizer: Branch office of the Forum Ziviler Friedednsdienst e.V. in Bosnia and Herzegovina (forumZFD BiH)


Branilaca Sarajeva 19B, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Michele  Parente



Phone: +387 33 221 956


The filled application form attached should be emailed to not later than September 25


After the training participants will get the Certificate and the pedagogical tool on culture of remembrance



5. Venue of the training: Sarajevo


The exact location will be announced afterwards.

6. Target group/ number of participants: Peace workers, Professors, high school teachers and educators , representatives of NGO's who are working with young people and students in the formal/ non-formal education on dealing with the past and culture of remembrance / Up to 10 participants altogether.
7. Qualifications requirements for participants: Adults with experience in the following fields: history, democracy and human rights, dealing with the past, memory work, peace work, non-violent conflict resolution, reconciliation, culture of dialogue, art&DwP (Dealing with the Past),…
8. Training duration: 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) / total of 16 hours
9. Training dates: SARAJEVO, 10th and 11th October 2015, from 09.00-17.00


II Areas covered by the training

Monuments dealt with in “MemorInmotion” show how concepts of identity have developed in the countries of the Western Balkans and partly in Germany as well during the 20th century. Given their role, monuments constitute the ideal means to present these processes in an interesting manner. The same monument can sometimes even conjure up different concepts of identity for specific geographic and temporal spaces.

The transformation, destruction and neglect of the existing monuments and the development of new monuments constantly “update” political concepts and perceptions of identity. These processes of identity formation in public space can divide people and foment violence, but they can also have a reconciliatory effect. Given this backdrop, the project “MemoriInmotion” wanted to explore alternative ways to deal with difficult wartime pasts, to confront dominant historical narratives and to question the established concepts of identities.



III Aims of the training

The central aim of the educational toolkit is, through educated trainers, to encourage young people in Europe to get actively engaged with history and to support them in reflecting critically on their public culture of remembrance.

  • Trained participants will have an opportunity to encourage young people to take a critical stance towards the process of memorialisation, e.g. through contextualizing the politics of memory and becoming aware of the difficulties of monument building, and the contested meanings of the monuments;
  • Trained participants will contribute to increasing awareness about the young peoples’ roles and responsibilities in the process of memorialisation and encourage alternative forms of thinking on remembrance;
  • Through the implementation of the tool, content and methods of training, participants will learn how young people can promote inclusive reflection on the past, present and future, in a constructive dialogue across countries, contributing to establish trust between individuals and communities of different backgrounds in order to restore dialogue and rebuild peaceful relationships

IV Expected results

  • Trained participants are able to perform workshops on the culture of remembrance based on the pedagogical tool “MemorInMotion”
  • Knowledge and skills of trainers on the culture of remembrance and monuments in the area of South-East Europe are improved and in position to be transferred to young people
  • Participants are aware about the importance of the study of monuments and culture of remembrance as a step further in the process of reconciliation

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